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Today Ukrainians commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in the Second World War as we were a part of it back then. My grand grandparents from mom's side were partisans and they defended our peace in the woods, my grandma was born in the 1941 in the earth house just the year the war started. My granddad from my dad's side died in this War. I can't even imagine what hell they went through in order for us to live in a peace. Who knows maybe I would never be born if my ancestors were not so brave to withstand the aggressor! I'm standing in the back yard of my dad's house in my small hometown proud of the veterans wearing my granddad and dad's medals and rewards ( cause my dad is a military man and took part in Afghanistan war ). We will never forget what you did for us . You are in our hearts and our DNA forever . I wish the war in the eastern part of Ukraine stops in a near future because it still going ... a lot of people died, young boys my age whom I knew from my childhood((( who could be dads, some of them left their kids orphans. That's why I'm so sad on the second picture. There are no winners in wars; only losers. Both sides in any conflict suffer losses. We must work to end all wars. To thrive we need peace . Love and peace to all of you! I hope in my lifetime I see our world in peace and full of loving tolerant and caring people having no wars, people of all races, countries and religions stand together as one. Let's make love instead of war. Cause we are humans and our home is Earth.



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